Plant Diseases- Citrus Canker

Pathogen: Xanthomonas citri (Bacterium)
Infected plant Portion: Leaves, Fruits, twigs, thorns etc

Citrus canker
  • Lesions appear on the lower surface of the leaves.
  • The lesions later change to yellow brown areas on the leaves.
  • Elongated lesions are found on twigs and fruits.
  • The affected leaves and petioles are subjected to defoliation at an early time.
  • The infection of fruits is only skin any harm to the juicy part of the fruit.
Propagation: The bacteria enter through the stomata and wounds of the plant. From the lesions on the fruits, stem, leaves etc. the bacteria often get disseminated by insects rain water etc.
  • Complete destruction of diseased plants by burning them.
  •  Spraying plant before planting with 1% Bordeaux mixture.
  •  Use of disease free nursery stock for planting.
  • Antibiotic spray with streptomycin
  •  Spraying leaves with neem cake at 1 kg in 20 litres of water.
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