Facts about Algae

  • Algae has been used by Melvin Calvin to understand the process of photosynthesis- Chlorella
  • Nitrogen fixing blue green algae are Anabaena, Nostoc, Aulosira, Oscillatoria, Spirulina , Cylindrospermum and Tolpothrix.
  • Red rust of tea is caused by a green algae Celpholeuros virescence. This is a parasitic algae.
heterocyst in Anabaena
  • Some blue green algae Microcystic, Oscillatoria and Lyngbye are responsible for water blooms.
  • Heterocysts are found in some blue green  algae(Anabaena, Cylimdrospermum, Nostoc). These help in nitrogen fixation.
  • Fritschiella shows heterotrichous habit , which may have given rise to land plants.
  • Oedogonium possess ring like structure marking the Cap cells caused divisions.
Some interesting forms of Algae
  • Rolling algae- Volvox
  • Water net- Hydrodictyon
  • Stone wort- Chara
  • Irish moss- Chondrus crispus
  • Sea lettuce- Ulva
  • Heterotrichous algae- Drapranaldiopsis
  • Frog spawn algae- Batrachospermum
  • Smallest algae- Microcystis
  • Largest algae- Macrocystis
  • Parasitic algae- Cephaleuros
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