Dicot Stem Anatomy

Dicot Stem Anatomy
Important Characteristic Features:

1. Epidermis with out growth.

2. Hypodermis collenchymatous.

3. The ground tissue gets differentiated into cortex, endodermis , pericycle, medullary rays and pith.

4. Vascular bundles are limited in number.

5. Vascular bundles are arranged in the form of a broken ring.

6. Cambium is seen in between xylem and phloem. Hence the bundles are open.

7. Phloem parenchyma is present.

8. Xylem vessels are arranged in a linear fashion.

9. Protoxylem lacunae absent.

10.Vascular bundles have sclerenchymatous bundle cap.

(Examples: Sunflower, Centella,  Eupatorium etc)
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