Lycopodium Stem Anatomy C.S

Lycopodium cernuum stem C.S mixed protostele

1. Epidermis: single layered with cuticle and stomata
2. Cortex: 3 layers in L.cerenuum
3. Outer and inner cortex is parenchymatous and middle cortex is sclerenchymatous
4. Endodermis: single layered, often with casparian thickening
5. Pericycle: One to many layered made up of parenchymatous cells
6. Stele: basically protostele
Varies in different species:
  • Actinostele: L. selago, L.phlegmaria and L. serratum
  • Plectostele: L.clavatum, L.volubile
  • Mixed protostele: L.cernuum
Refer this post for details: Different types of stele found in Lycopodium
Image taken by Fazal (My student)
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