Main characteristics of Xanthophyceae (Yellow Green algae)

These are yellow green algae which contain chlorophyll a but lack chlorophyll b. Instead of chlorophyll b they possess chlorophyll e or c. Besides chlorophylls they possess xanthophylls and beta carotene. The class Xanthophyceae is divided into four orders: Heterochloridales, Heterococcidales, Heterotrichales and Heterosiphonales.
example of green blue algae
Characteristics of Class Xanthophyceae (Yellow Green Algae):
  • Mostly fresh water with unicellular to siphonous body.
  • Cells are eukaryotic with silica and pectin in the cell wall.
  • Chief pigments include chlorophyll a and e, beta carotene, neoxanthin  and violaxanthin.
  • Reserve food includes chrysolaminarin and oils; Starch and pyrenoids absent.
  • Sexual reproduction is isogamous, anisogamous or oogamous.
  • Zoospore formation is common.
  • Male gametes are flagellate.
  • Flagella are heterokont (unequal)
  • Life cycle is mostly haplontic.
Example of Yellow Green Algae (Xanthophyceae)
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