Psilotum Stem Anatomy C S

Begin the description with epidermis onwards:
Psilotum stem anatomy  C.S
Psilotum stem C.S
1. Epidermis is single layered with stomata and cuticle
2. Outer cortex is chlorenchymatous.
3. Middle cortex is sclerenchymatous.
4. Inner cortex is parenchymatous.
5. Endodermis present.
6. Pericycle is present.
7. Stele vary along the plant axis
8. Protostele (actinostele) at the base
9. Siphonostele in the middle and upper part
10. Sclerenchymatous pith is often seen in very old stem.
Protostele: Central solid core of xylem surrounded by phloem
Actinostele: Star shaped central core of xylem surrounded by phloem
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