Similarities between Bacteria and Cyanobacteria

The taxonomic position of blue green algae  (cyanobacteria /cyanophyceae) is a thing of controversy.  they show resemblance to bacteria. Their structure is very simple. Both bacteria and blue green algae are prokaryotic. Like bacteria several blue green algae are colourless. There is no sexual reproduction in both and they reproduce by asexual methods.
Cyanobacteria E coli (Bacteria)
Recently many phycologists have found out a number of similarities between cyanophyceae and bacteria. Some of them are the following:
1. Both bacteria and blue green algae are simple and their DNA is devoid of histone proteins and hence true chromosomes are not organised.
2. Both posses saprophytic mode of life.
3. In both groups the cells are covered by mucilage sheath.
4. True cell organelles like plastids, golgi bodies, mitochondria etc are absent.
4. Bacteria are unicellular forms and some of the cyanophycean are also unicellular in nature.
5. In both bacteria and blue green algae, the cell wall contains muramic acid and diaminopimelic acid which lack in all other algae.
6. Both possess the ability to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere.
7. Formation of resting spores is characteristic in both.
8. Motile spores are not seen in both groups.
9. Both possess the ability to fix nitrogen from the atmosphere.
10. Both organisms are capable of withstanding high rate of desiccation and high temperature.
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