Root Modifications in Plants

Many plants show root modifications to perform special functions. Tap roots are modified mainly for storage of food. Adventitious roots are modified for storage and many other functions like additional support, nutrition and respiration.
Root modificaitons 
Modifications of roots for storage
Tap roots and adventitious roots may be modified to store reserve food material.
A. Tap root tubers: Based on the shape, they are classified into four groups.
       1) Fusiform tubers
       2) Napiform tubers
       3) Conical tubers
       4) Tuberous roots
B. Adventitious root tubers :They are of five types
      1) Tuberous roots
      2) Fasciculated roots
      3) Moniliform or beaded roots
      4) Nodulose roots
      5) Annulated roots
C. Modifications of adventitious roots for Additional Support
     1) Prop roots
     2) Stilt roots
     3) Climbing roots
     4) Clinging roots
D. Modifications of adventitious roots for vital functions
      1) Assimilatory roots
      2) Sucking Roots or Haustoria
      3) Velamen roots 4) Nodular roots 5) Reproductive roots
      6) Pneumatophores
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