Hutchinson’s System of Classification of Angiosperms

John Hutchinson  was the author of a classification published between 1926-1934. This system appeared in two volumes “families of flowering plants”. This was later revised in 1948.
  • It is phylogenetic system. A clear concept of evolution was taken into account
  • Concepts are new but it is based on Bessey’s system.
  • Flowering plants were classified.
  • Gymnosperms are more primitive to angiosperms.
  • Bennttitalian origin of angiosperms flower is accepted.
  • Dicots divided into Lignosae and Herbaceae.
  • Compositae highly advanced in monocots.
  • Orchidaceae highly advanced in monocots.
  • There are 411 families.
Hutchinson’s classification has not found wide support, but his revision of the monocots has been accepted.
Hutchinson's System of Classification
An outline of Hutchinson's System of Classification

Phylum : Angiospermae
Subphylum I: Dicotyledons
  • Division I. Lignosae (54 Orders): Order 1 Magnoliales - Order 54 Verbenales
  • Division II. Herbaceae: Order 55 Ranales - Order 82 Lamiales
Subphylum II: Monocotyledons
  • Division I. Calyciferae (12 Orders) : Order 83 Butomales to Order 94 Zingiberales
  • Division II. Corolliferae (14 Orders) : Order 95 Liliales to Order 108 Orchidales
  • Division III. Glumiflorae (3 Orders): Order 109: Juncales to Order 111 Graminales
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