Difference between Manoxylic wood and Pycnoxylic wood

Wood of Gymnosperms are classified into manoxylic or pycnoylic. This classification is based on the amount of xylem cells in the wood.
manoxylic and pycnoxylic wood
Manoxylic wood:
It is the non-compact wood with large amount of parenchyma, large pith and cortex mixed with less amount of xylem tracheids or wood.
-Parenchyma cells are filled with starch grains
-Not important commercially as wood is not durable
-In Cycas

Pycnoxylic wood:
It is the compact strong wood with large amount of xylem tracheids or wood and small amount of cortex and pith with little Parenchyma.
-Durable and yields timber
-In Pinus
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