Parenchyma: Different types, Structure and Function

•Simplest and the least specialized living tissue.
•Fundamental tissue of the plant body
•Shape: isodiametric or polygonal
•Thin walled with prominent nucleus and vacoulated cytoplasm.
•Distribution: all parts of the plant body.
•Epidermis, cortex, pith, leaf mesophyll, fruit, endosperm.
Different types of Parenchyma
Different types of Parenchyma based on structure and function

Different types of parenchyma diagram
Functions of Parenchyma:
•Fundamental tissue of the plant body
•Storage of reserve food materials
•Bouyancy and gaseous exchange in hydrophytes by aerenchyma
•Mechanical support especially prosenchyma
•Xylem and phloem parenchyma helps in transport of materials
•Parenchyma regains dividing capacity and forms secondary meristems
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