Important Plant Products: Economic Botany - Food Yielding Plants

Food Yielding Plants

a) Cereals
1. Rice -      Scientific name: Oryza sativa            useful part: Caryopsis
2. Wheat -  Scientific name: Triticum aestivum   useful part: Caryopsis
3. Maize -   Scientific name: Zea mays                 useful part: Caryopsis

b) Millets
1. Pearl millet (Bajra) - Scientific name: Pennisetum typoideum      useful part: Small sized grain
2.Finger millet (Ragi) - Scientific name: Eleusine coracana              useful part: Small sized grain
3.Great millet  (Jawar )- Scientific name: Sorghum vulgare               useful part: Small sized grain

c) Legumes
1. Garden pea -  Scientific name: Pisum sativum         useful part:seed
2. Chick pea - Scientific name: Cicer arietinum           useful part: seed
3.  Pigeon pea (Red gram)- Scientific name: Cajanus cajan           useful part: seed
4. Green gram (Mung) -Scientific name: Phaseolus aureus            useful part: seed
5. Black gram - Scientific name: Phaseolus mungo          useful part: seed
6. Soya bean -Scientific name: Glycine max                    useful part: seed
7. Groundnut- Scientific name: Arachis hypogea             useful part: seed in lomentum
8. Cowpea - Scientific name: Vigna sinensis                     useful part: Young pods and seeds
9. Lentil -Scientific name: Lens culinaris                          useful part: seed
10. Lima bean -Scientific name: Phaseolus lunatus        useful part: seed

d) Nuts
1. Ground nut -Scientific name: Arachis hypogea                            useful part: seeds
2. Cashew nut- Scientific name: Anacardium occidentale            useful part:Kernels
3. Green almond (pista)- Scientific name: Phaseolus aureus      useful part: seed
4.Almonds - Scientific name: Prunus amygdalus                           useful part: seeds
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