10 Minor Forest Products (MFPs)

Forests are large treasure house of a huge wealth of natural resources. They significantly contain nearly 50% of the terrestrial species of plants and animals
Importance of forests( Economical or commercial aspects)
    Provide fuel wood for domestic and industrial uses, and timber for buildings, furniture, boats, railway sleepers and several other purposes.
    Supply raw materials for wood pulp in the manufacture of paper, rayon, ply woods, card boards.
    Provide food items in the form of roots, tubers, leaves, fruits, berries, nuts, spices etc
    Medicine like quinine and camphor, products like turpentine, resins, oils, alkaloids, dyes, gum, charcoal etc are obtained from forest trees.
   Serves as a source of sustainable income through ecotouism.
Minor Forest Products(MFPs) include all the forest products, other than wood and timber. They consists of both animal products and plant products.
    Plant products: grasses, canes, bamboos, oils, leaves, oils, gums, tannins and resins
     Animal products: lac, honey, wax, Ivory, horns, hides
10 Minor Forest Products (MFPs)
Download (ppt 1)Grasses, bamboo, Canes and leaves:
       Bamboo is generally considered as poor man’s timber
       Used for Roofing, walling, flooring and mat making, basketery, paper pulp
                Tendu leaf of Bauhinia vahlii are used for making leaf plates and leaf cups
      •       sandal wood oil, cedar wood oil, oilve oil, clove oil, lemon grass oil, eucalyptus oil
3) Gums used in textiles, cosmetics, medicines, pastes
       Karaya perhaps the most  important gum (Sterculia urens and S villosa)
4) Resins:
        Resins- Turpentine oil  from pines and conifers
5) Tannins and dyes: amla, hemlock, wattle,
       Dyes: Red sander, khair, flowers of Palash, fruits of mallotus, bark of wattle, roots of morinda etc
       Quinine- Ant malarial from Cinchona tree
       Digitalis- heart stimulant- foxglove plant
       Morphine-analgesic from opium poppy
       Reserpine-anti hypertension from Rauwolfia
 Poisons- Aconite, Datura
       Cinnamom, cardamom, galangal (Alpnia galanga)
8) Edible plant products: tubers, flowers, fruits, berries, seeds, nuts etc
9) Lac- is a resinous substance, secreted by the lac insect (Tachardia lacca, Laccifer lacca, or Kerria lacca)
       It is formed mainly of resin,  coloring pigments, wax, proteins, sugars etc
                 Finest form of lac is called shellac
10)Honey and Beeswax
                  Honey used as food 
                  Used as medicine
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