Nostoc Taxonomic Position, Habitat, thallus and Cell structure

Nostoc: Taxonomic Position and Habitat
       Class: Cyanophyceae (Blue Green Algae)
       Order: Nostocales; Family: Nostocaceae
Nostoc Habitat, Nostoc under microscope

       Terrestrial Aquatic habitat
       Fresh water ponds, pools, puddles
       Damp soil N.commune
       Symbiotic association with some Plants Coralloid root Cycas, Anthoceros thallus
       Gelatinous grouping called “star jelly” witches butter”

Thallus structure
       Colonial, filamentous algae as mucilaginous balls
       Filaments: uniseriate, unbranched, beaded appearance
       3 types of cells: Vegetative cells, akinete and heterocyst
Cell structure
       Spherical, oval, barrel shaped cells
       Prokaryotic, two layers of  mucopolysachride
       Protoplasm divided into centroplasm and chromoplasm
       Centroplasm contains DNA
       Chromoplasm contains pigments and thylakoids
       Reserve food: Cyanophycean strach and cyanophycean protein granules
More on Nostoc: Heterocyst of Nostoc: Structure and Function
                            Reproduction in Nostoc 5 Different types
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