Multiple Choice Questions on Fungi | Mycology MCQ

1. Yeast is an important source of

A) Vitamin C 

B) Riboflavin

C) Sugar 

D) Fat

2. Total length of the life cycle in yeast

A) 90 minutes 

B) 1 hour 

C) 12 hours 

D) 24 hours

3. Rhizopus, Penicillium, and Aspergillus are examples of

A) Parasitic fungi 

B) Symbiotic fungi

C) Saprophytic fungi 

D) Predacious fungi

Multiple Choice Questions on Fungi Mycology

4. The following is not cultivated as an edible fungi

A) Coprinus comatus 

B) Agaricus bispora

C) Volvariella volvacea 

D) Pleurotussa jorcaju

5. The following is not a vegetative mode of reproduction in fungi

A) Fragmentation 

B) Rhizomorph

C) Sclerotia 

D) Somatogamy

6. Which fungal group shows Clamp Formation?

A) Basidomycota 

B) Ascomycota

C) Chytridiomycota 

D) Deuteromycota

7. Which of these spores are characteristic of the black bread mold Rhizopus?

A) Basidospores 

B) Arthrospores

C) Sporangiospores

D) Ascospores

8. Resting spores are called

A) Siderophore

B) Statospore

C) Planospore 

D) Phialospore

9. The genus Rhizopus belongs to the family

A) Mucoraceae

B) Saccharomycetaceae

C) Pilobolaceae 

D) Rhodomycetaceae

10. Powdery mildews of crops are caused by

A) Bacteria 

B) Ascomycetes

C) Phycomycetes 

D) Basidiomycetes

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1. B) Riboflavin

2. A) 90 minutes 

3. C) Saprophytic fungi 

4. B) Agaricus bispora

5. D) Somatogamy

6. A) Basidomycota 

7. C) Sporangiospores

8. B) Statospore

9. A) Mucoraceae

10. B) Ascomycetes


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