Difference between Dicot and Monocot Embryo

Monocot Embryo
  1. There are two cotyledons attached to an embryonal axis.
  2. Plumule occur distally.
  3. Cotyledons occur laterally.
  4. Coleoptile absent. is
  5. Coleorrhiza absent.
  6. Scutellum absent.
  7. Suspensor Large
Dicot embryo and Monocot embryo
Dicot Embryo
  1. Only one cotyledon attached to the embyonal axis.
  2. Plumule is lateral.
  3. A single cotyledon occupies terminal position.
  4. The envelope of plumule is called coleoptile.
  5. Coleorrhiza is a protective sheath of radicle.
  6. A single cotyledon called scutellum is present.
  7. Comparatively small.
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