Economic Importance of Algae | Notes on Algae

Economic Importance of Algae

1. As Food
  • Ulva in Europe is called sea lettuce.

  • Porphyra tenera, edible sea weed in Japan.
  • Chlorella is richer in proteins, lipids and vitamins.
  • Spirulina is rich in proteins, vit B complex and minerals.
2. As Fodder
  • Sargassum and Macrocystis are used as fodder.
  • Besides Fucus, Laminaria are also used.
3. In Industry
algae gelidium
  • Agar is extracted from certain species of red algae like Gelidium, Gracillaria, Gigartina.
  • Alginate obtained from brown algae like Fucus, Lamaria etc.
  • Carrageenin is extracted from Chondrus crispus.
4. In Medicine
  • Chlorellin, an antibiotic is obtained from Chlorella
  • Nitella used in control of malaria.
  • Lyngbya, Cladophora are used to kill strains of Pseudomonas and Mycobacterium.
5. In Agriculture
  • Nostoc, Anabaena etc are used to fix atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogen compounds.
6. As source of Iodine and Bromine
Laminaria digitata
  • Laminaria is the source of iodine.
  • Bromine is obtained from red algae like Rhodomela and Polysiphonia.
7. In biological Research
  • Acetabularia, to study nucleo cytoplasmic interactions.
  • Chlorella is used to study photosynthesis.
Harmful activities of Algae:
  • Water bloom: Microcystis, Chrococcus, Oscillatoris etc cause water bloom. These deplete the oxygen level in water hence aquatic animals are killed.
  • Disease: Parasitic algae-like Cephaleuros virescens (green algae) causes red rust of coffee.
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