Life Cycle of Lycopodium

Lycopodium exhibits heteromorphic alternation of generation as sporophyte and gametophyte are morphologically dissimilar.Life cycle of Lycopodium

Steps in Life cycle of Lycopodium
  1.  Lycopodium plant body is a sporophyte (Diploid 2n)
  2.  Strobilus or cone is the spore bearing structure
  3.  In Strobilus, diploid spore mother cells undergo meiosis forming haploid spores (1n)
  4. Spores germinate forming gametophyte or prothallus (Monoecious : both antheridia and archegonia are present)
  5.  Antheridium produce sperms. Sperms are multiflagellate. Archegonium produce egg.
  6. Fertilization is oogamous
  7. Zygote divides to form Embryonic sporophyte later form mature plant body (Diploid Lycopodium Sporophyte)
      Image credit: Botany visual resource library, The McGraw Hill companies
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