Systematic Position of Psilotum and Common Species

Psilotum is also known as “Whisk ferns”
Taxonomic position of Psilotum:
  Division: Pteridophyta
  Class: Psilopsida
  Order: Psilotales
  Family: Psilotaceae
  Genus: Psilotum “Whisk ferns”
Psilotum flaccidum Psilotum nudum

The Genus Psiltoum has two species : P.nudum (very common), P.flaccidum or P. complanatum (epiphytic).

Habitat: Grows in humus at base of trees, or crevices in rocks.
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Image Credit:Psilotum nudum from the University of Wisconsin - Madison Plant Systematics Collection. P.flaccidum (P. complanatum
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