Psilotum Sporophyte Plant body

1.The plant body is the sporophyte
2. Less differentiated plant body
3. Consists of Subterranean rhizome and aerial shoot
4. Rhizome: dichotomously branched with rhizoids
    Function: anchorage and absorption
5. Aerial shoot: green, slender and dichotomously branched
    Bears minute scale like leaves (Microphyllous)
     Function: photosynthesis
Psilotum nudum
Psilotum sporophyte 

6. Other features: Homosporous nature.
7. Life cycle: Homomorphic alternation of generation
8. Synangium is the spore bearing structure.
Psilotum Asexual reproduction
• Gemmae: multicelled, oval shaped bodies
• Located on rhizome of sporophytic plant body and prothallus of gametophytic plant body

Image Credit: Psilotum nudum from the University of Wisconsin - Madison Plant Systematics Collection.
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