Advantages and Disadvantages of Fertilizers

Fertilizers are of mineral origin. They are nitrogenous, phosphatic, potassium salts and salts containing other elements. All the inorganic fertilizers have higher nutrient content compared to organic manures.

Fertilizer NPK

Advantages and disadvantages of Fertilizers


•rapid action

•Constituent ratios defined


1.Primarily made from non-renewable sources including fossil fuel

2.Provide nutrients to plants but nothing to sustain soil

3.Chance of over fertilization, that may damage crop and entire soil ecosystem

4.Leaching and move to rivers and sea causing eutrophication

5.Repeated application may lead to toxic build up of arsenic, cadmium etc in soil that may be present in fruits and vegetables

6.Long term use causes change in soil pH, may upset microbial ecosystem.


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