Equisetum Stem Anatomy T.S

Equisetum morphology
Equisetum Stem Anatomy

·         Epidermis is single layered with stomata and heavily coated with silica deposits
·         Outer cortex is sclerenchymatous and chlorenchymatous
·         Often sclerenchaymatous below ridges followed by chlorenchymatous region
·         Inner cortex is made up of large parenchymatous cells with vallecular canals.
·         Vallecular canals are large air filled, intercellular spaces below the furrows in inner cortex
·         It is a hydrophytic character
·         Endodermis and pericycle single layered
·         Stele: Eustele, siphonostele; ring of vascular bundles below the ridges.
·         Vascular bundle is conjoint, collateral and closed and separated from one another by parenchyma
·         V.B consists of xylem, phloem and carinal canal
·         Xylem is poorly developed.
·         Carinal canal is a water filled region present in the vascular bundle.
·         Formed by the disintegration of protoxylem tracheids

·         Pith: Large central cavity filled with water (hydrophytic character)
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